Aluminium platform for SOLO trench heaters

Platforms 350 for trench heaters

The platform made of aluminium (commonly called grill, grille, grate) is used for covering the heating trench.

In the standard option, all platforms offered are::

  • transverse (the rungs are arranged across the duct axis)
  • distance between rungs 7, 10, or 13 mm
  • rolled (roll type)
  • standard painted silver or any RAL K7 colour
  • available in widths [mm]: 250 – SOLO, 300 – TRIOVENT, QUATTROVENT, 350 – DUO, FRACTAL, QUATTRO,
  • available in one length: 600-3500 mm (every 100 mm)

The aluminium platforms are available with three rung distances: 7, 10 or 13 mm

Longitudinal platforms are available on request (rungs are arranged along the channel axis). This type of platform is only available in the fixed version.

The profiles (rungs), spacing sleeves and platform frame are supplied in pearl silver or any RAL K7 colour required by the customer (at no extra charge).

The frame of the platform, which is a pre-assembled element with the duct tray, is always, as a standard, painted the same colour as the ordered platform, provided that a complex order for the set with the platform is placed at the same time. After installing the trench heating set in the heating channel and inserting the platform, the platform with its frame will be visible in the floor plane.

Rung height 18.50 mm
Height of the platform frame: 24.50 mm
Distance between rungs: 7, 10, 13 mm


Platform and platform frame in standard execution (silver colour, platform – transverse, roll-up).

Rolled platforms facilitate access to the inside of the duct during cleaning, as well as storage of the platform when it is replaced by an after-season platform, after the heating period has ended.

Zwijany podest aluminiowy

Request, fixed platforms and platforms with rungs along the duct axis are available.

Podest aluminiowy
Podest aluminiowy

Platform and platform frame in non-standard version (white).
The colour white – as well as other colours in the RAL palette – is available in several shades (tab COLOURS – RAL PALETE).

Filharmonia im. Mieczysława Karłowicza

Any RAL color included in the price

Colours from RAL K7 palette – powder varnish. Standard colour white – RAL 9003
Radiators in colours from the following colour chart (RAL K7) are available at list price, without an extra charge. An additional charge of 10% of the radiator’s list price shall apply to metallic colours, METALLIC version as well as convectors painted with structured paints.
The RAL K7 pattern book is available at our distributors.

NOTE: The colours displayed on the monitor may vary slightly from the actual RAL colours depending on the monitor’s parameters, therefore the presented list should be treated as indicative only! Please contact us by telephone to confirm colour matching.

Podest aluminiowy brown
Podest kolor desert storm
Podest aluminiowy black
Podest aluminiowy red

Anodized aluminium platform

A separate method of coating aluminium platforms is anodising. It is an electrochemical process consisting in the creation of an aluminium oxide layer on the surface of aluminium platforms as a result of applying electric current to the platforms immersed in a solution of the appropriate acid (sulphuric, chromic, oxalic). The oxide coating partially grows into the aluminium and partially covers the anodised component. Anodising increases the resistance of the platform surface to corrosion, abrasion and chemical agents. The profiles and the frame of the platforms are anodised.

There are four colour versions to choose from: C-0 – natural, C-31 – inox, C-33 – olive, C-35 – black, with three variants for the distance between the rungs: 7, 10 or 13 mm.

C-33 – olive

C-31 – inox

C-0 – natural

C-35 – black


It is possible to make a set of heating channels connected by corners, the angle of corners being any between 90° and 180°. The channel corner consists of a tray, frame and platform (offered only as a set).
The free space in the corner tray can be used for installation of connections, valves and controllers.


width: 250, 300, 350 i 400 mm
distance between rungs 7, 10 or 13 mm
painted – RAL colours K7
anodised – C-0 – natural, C-31 – inox, C-33 – olive, C-35 – black


In case of the corner channel, the whole set must be ordered together as a set (i.e. with the platform, also out of season) and assembled as a set.

In the production process, we maintain the correct dimension for all parts of the channel set. This ensures that the complete channel set has the correct dimension.

When installing the tray alone without the corner platforms, a slight angle change may occur. This makes it impossible to fit the platform to the frame later, especially in the corner.
If all the components of the system are used at the same time during installation and the installation spacers are used, there is no possibility of installation error – non-axial installation or deformation of the tray. An additional difficulty, in the case of aluminium platforms, is the first (shortest) rung, which is a composite element with the channel frame.

Along with the order for angle modules, it is necessary to send the necessary technical drawing with the given angle. The drawing should indicate the position of the heaters and the places where the connections are to be led out, so that the openings in the baths are prepared in the desired, optimum place for the installer. The drawing should contain the following data:

  • dimensioned all elements of the corner element(s);
  • the length of the corner arms on the long side;
  • angles of the corners
  • the width of the platform
  • depth of the channel
  • position relative to the glazing.