decorative radiators heaters

Decorative radiators REGULUS-system are a decoration of every room. They have a functional function, but can also emphasize character and style of the room.

In currently built warm houses, with low heat transfer coefficient of windows, heaters do not have to be placed under windows. This means that they no longer have to be adapted in size and shape to the width of the window and the space under the window sill. Therefore decorative radiators can be placed anywhere. They can take the form of a vertical, narrow or tall radiator, decorating the interior with both their shape and their colour… So you can use the space under the window in a different way. You can create a mini conservatory, install a shelf with books or trinkets, and in the kitchen place a kitchen unit.

Decorative radiators – natural convection


Flat front

Ideal for condensing boilers

Decorative radiator with fan


Flat front

Ideal for heat pumps

Fan 230V

Dynamic heating