Swimming pool radiators

Swimming pool version


These are special versions of wall heaters designed for rooms with increased humidity, such as swimming pools, car washes, laundries, conservatories, etc.
Their special resistance results from two features:

  • construction – REGULUS®-system wall heaters are made of copper (exchanger) and aluminium (covers, lamellas), i.e. metals extremely resistant to corrosion. Unlike steel heaters, which quickly and easily succumb to destructive corrosion, copper and aluminium, when subjected to the process of oxidation, form oxides which, permanently connected to the non-oxidised material, constitute a tight protective layer for the process to continue deep into the structure of these metals.
  • thickened layer of special varnish – an important protection, both against moisture and the impact of chemicals (used in swimming pools and other such facilities), is a durable, thickened layer of polyester-epoxy varnish hardened at high temperature. The mounting elements of the heaters are also made of aluminium profiles coated with facade powder varnish.





swimming pool version
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SWIMMING POOL VERSION – special features:


  • Copper-aluminium
  • Mixed method of heat emission: radiation + natural convection
  • very large heat exchange surface, an important feature for heating based on a low temperature of the heating agent – condensation boilers, heat pumps
  • high efficiency at low flow temperatures – copper and aluminium are characterised by a high heat transfer coefficient (higher than steel and cast iron), heat is emitted even at a small temperature difference (heater and ambient)
  • low weight and low water capacity mean high heating dynamics, the heaters quickly reach their full rated power for a given flow temperature – low thermal inertia
  • low thermal inertia enables energy-efficient and easily controllable heating, it means effective operation in modern, controlled central heating systems
  • high resistance to variable and high pressure
  • warranty for 10 years – both for open and closed systems
  • can be filled with antifreeze
  • can be supplied from the municipal network
  • can be used in any configuration of central heating system