Grzejniki z płaskim frontem

The PLAN version are models with a flat, smooth front surface. The simple design of these heaters fits perfectly into any environment.

Adjust the heater to your needs. You can choose the colour, the connection method and even the look of your heater..

This is a version of the heater in which the ribbed heater front has been covered by an aluminium sheet, giving the heater a new look.

It is up to you to decide whether you prefer a heater with a classic form or whether you prefer a flat, smooth front

The PLAN version is available in the radiators: REGULLUS, SOLLARIUS, REVERS, E-VENT, DUBEL, VERTAGO, S-CORNER

Choosing the plan version increases the price of the heater by 10%.
The heater in this version has slightly less power compared to the basic version (check the technical data)

Move the slider to compare the versions

Radiator wall mounted Sollarius redRadiator flat front PLAN
wersja PLAN regulus
wersja PLAN regulus
wersja PLAN regulus
Grzejnik SOLLARIUS w wersji PLAN