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Worth knowing

1. When developing systems, one should always watch out to preserve slants. Superfluous by-passes and especially air-traps giving rise to air-locks (impede circulation significantly) should be avoided. At the highest points of each cycle there should be mounted automatic vents, and by the boiler – air separator.

2. In the system, there should be applied a suitable gradation of pipe diameters – starting off at the boiler and progressing in the direction of heaters, they should decrease – so that correct distribution of hydraulic resistance and steady circulation of heating medium through all the heaters may be attained,

3. Regulus heaters should always be mounted horizontally, and a 10cm interval from the floor and parapet walls should be preserved, at the very least.

4. The system should be filled in with water very slowly, preferably starting out from the back side, with the vents kept open. When the system filling-in process is completed that way, then, this guarantees effective thrusting out of air and it shall let us avoid air compression and trapping, both, in the system and in the heaters.
The system should be filled in with the circulating pump being switched off.

5. Once the system is vented and leaktightness test is performed, it is absolutely necessary to perform “on the spot” fine tuning. The flow can be regulated by way of strangling orifices, valves, or by initial settings of thermoregulatory valves.

6. It is necessary to build in into the installation of gauze screens – at the water intake point, and before the boiler, at the back. Lack of mechanical filter in the system nullifies the guarantee for Regulus heaters.

7. At times of operation, free air flow should be assured to take place in the heaters, internally, so that their full capacity may be taken advantage of.

8. The system should be adjusted in such a way and circulating pump should be sufficiently efficient, so that temperature differential between feed point and back of the heater may be explicitly felt.

9. The maximal power of hot water boiler for c.h. use should not exceed the combined power of all heaters that may be built-in into the system. It is advantageous to use boiler with modulated power.